How does literature express, shape and reflect human thoughts and feelings? These questions have given rise to a new research field.

LCE research themes

Emotions across Cultures and Languages

Literature, in many respects, draws on the particular in its linguistic and cultural embeddedness while, at the same time, it is thought to evoke the «big» emotions that all people share. Research connected to this trajectory investigates these tensions, as well as the relations between emotion, affect, mood and feeling as states of emotional involvedness.

Cultural and Cognitive Memory 

The stories that we tell about ourselves are crucial for the ways in which we remember experiences and construct our private and social identities. Memory’s temporal dynamics goes hand in hand with these stories, as the literary imagination comes to inform personal templates of the self and as processes of social cognition shape cultural memory.

Literature as a Lifeworld Technology 

As the twenty-first century lifeworld changes toward digitization, the question arises whether deep literary reading is still a cognitive process connected to literature on screen, what are the cognitive effects of digital, shallow forms of reading and whether teaching more literature might offer a countermeasure.

Guest researcher programme

The LCE guest researcher programme brings internationally leading scholars to Oslo. In addition, LCE members visit collaborating universities for research stays.


The workshops serve as a venue to work together on concepts, texts and theories across different disciplines. We will publish information on the workshops continuously.