Literature as a Lifeworld Technology

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As the twenty-first century lifeworld changes toward digitization, the question arises whether deep literary reading is still a cognitive process connected to literature on screen, what are the cognitive effects of digital, shallow forms of reading and whether teaching more literature might offer a countermeasure.

Ylva Østby and Karin Kukkonen
Published Sep. 28, 2020 3:29 PM


Karin Kukkonen, Ylva Østby and Ida Stange Bernhardt researches how the COVID-19 pandemic affected reading habits in Norway, when the sudden changes entailed all aspects of our everyday life. Many were confined to their homes in isolation, unable to attend cultural events due to infection prevention. Reading literature, however, remained as one cultural activities still available, even as libraries closed. How has this situation affected reading habits in Norway? How do people read and relate to literature in a time of crisis?