Study Options for Master Students

At LCE, we support students with an interest in interdisciplinary research. 

If you want to pursue a thesis related to our topics, enroll in our Master (MA) elective courses, join our teaching events (such as writing workshops or book hacks), or get involved in our MA network. We also have an open repository of digital teaching materials which we use in our courses. 

Elective MA courses

We provide students consultation on which courses from the electives would be suitable to develop their interest at the beginning of their master's studies. For these interdisciplinary projects, a pool of expert supervisors and examiners are available. Please contact Sarah Margrethe Øverlie Eiene for further information.

Spring 2023 courses

The LCE Teaching Programme is suspended for spring 2023.

Autumn 2022 courses

The LCE Teaching Programme is suspended in autumn 2022.

Spring 2022 courses

Autumn 2021 courses

Spring 2021 courses

Autumn 2020 courses

Spring 2020 courses

Teaching Events

LCE hosts Teaching Events for MA students throughout the academic year. These include:

  • Writing workshops on the practices and difficulties of writing a master thesis.

  • Innovation labs where the relationship between literature and new digital formats is explored.

  • Master classes where students can present the topic of their theses and get feedback from speakers of the LCE Annual Lecture in the spring term.

MA Study Group

The LCE Study Group is an offer for master students who want to exchange thoughts, ideas, and literary experiences with fellow students.

MA Network

The LCE MA Network is a place where students can meet and discuss topics relevant for LCE, and support each other in the process of writing term papers and theses. Get in touch with Karin Kukkonen if you wish to participate.

The MA Network is currently on pause.

MA Stipends

We offer stipends to students writing their master’s thesis on a topic related to LCE. We make regular announcements for stipends in our News feed and Facebook group

What students say about LCE courses

"My experience with this course was eye-opening. (…) Reading certain parts of the curriculum resembled the reading of one’s favourite philosophers all anew, creating a completely new perspective of how the arts might be perceived."

– Matias Keyson Buestad about the LIT4310 course by Alexandra Effe and Olivia Fialho.

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