Norwegian Energy Policy: Land based Wind Power and its Impact on Nature, Diversity and People. Environmental Lunchtime Discussion

How does the construction and development of land based wind power affect nature and people's relationship to the outdoors? Vidar Lindefjeld, legal advisor and co-founder of La Naturen Leve, talks about the impact of interventions in nature caused by wind power structures.

Road, Gravel, Rocky Landscape

Photo: La Naturen Leve

Norway has enjoyed green and clean electricity from hydro power for more than a hundred years. Seventy percent of our total domestic energy consumption is renewable. And yet, we build wind turbines all over the country, ruining nature and biodiversity. Why?

La Naturen Leve (LNL) fails to see the rationale in ruining nature, complicating peoples’ lives with noisy turbines and disturbing wildlife – in a country where vast hydro power resources have secured renewable power supply for a hundred years. The organisation opposes land based wind power in Norway and wants to stop all further wind power development. LNL promote the value of clean, renewable energy, and consider land based wind power to be devastating to Norwegian nature and biodiversity.


Vidar Lindefjeld is legal adviser and co-founder of the environmental organisation La Naturen Leve ("Let Nature Live"). It is the central umbrella organisation for individuals, local groups and organisations throughout Norway opposing the construction of onshore wind power plants.


About the event series

The OSEH Environmental Lunchtime Discussion series consists of short, 10-15 minute presentations by invited guests, followed by a discussion. We invite speakers from a wide variety of fields, both academic and beyond. The presentations are accessible and are aimed at anyone with an interest in environmental issues. All are welcome, please feel free to bring your own lunch. Coffee will be served.

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Published Jan. 16, 2020 3:23 PM - Last modified Jan. 22, 2020 7:37 PM