WEBINAR: Literary Studies and Nature Conservation in Africa: The Case of the Congo Basin. Environmental Lunchtime Discussion.

In his talk, poet, writer and language teacher Kenneth Nsah will discuss the role of literature in climate mitigation, environmental protection, and nature conservation in the Congo Basin. He will address how literature can promote and challenge environmental policies and practices.

Approximately 50 people posing for a picture, each holding a plant in their hand.

Photo: Osee Koagne.

Playwright, stage director and activist Osée Koagne poses with students after having staged an environmental play in their school. The students had to plant trees afterwards.

In his talk, Nsah will discuss the potential role of literary texts to draw attention to environmental issues while also formulating critiques of nature conservation. In other words, he will argue for the role of literature—construed as both literary texts and their ecocritical analysis—can shed light climate and ecological issues by raising environmental awareness, imaging possible sustainable futures, foregrounding local and indigenous epistemologies, and interrogating some ideologies and practices within nature conservation that are harmful to both nature and humans. The core of his talk will be an ecocritical engagement with some selected literary texts from the Congo Basin.

About the presenter

Kenneth Nsah (pen name: Nsah Mala), is a poet, children's author, writer, translator, and language teacher (English and French), currently doing his PhD in comparative literature at Aarhus University in Denmark. His research interests include literature and migration, diaspora literature, ecocriticism, comparative literature, African literatures, and creative writing.

About the event series

The OSEH Environmental Lunchtime Discussion series consists of short, 15 minute presentations by invited guests, followed by a discussion. We invite speakers from a wide variety of fields, both academic and beyond. The presentations are accessible and are aimed at anyone with an interest in environmental issues. All are welcome.

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Published Sep. 20, 2021 9:48 AM - Last modified Apr. 21, 2022 11:20 AM