WEBINAR: Reclaim the Streets: Dismantle Advertising, Save Money and Rescue the World. Environmental Lunchtime Discussion

This week, the curator, producer and artist James Finucane introduces the long and honourable tradition of subvertising ('subverting advertising'). We will learn about the background behind this 'protest art' movement, it's various forms and functions, and, perhaps most importantly, the tools and know-how to do it yourself.

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Everyone should be concerned with the effects advertising has on our minds, our society, our culture, our biosphere and the survival of life. We (Subvertising Norway) see advertising as an existential threat and hold the opinion that someone must do something about it.
The purpose of advertising is to normalize and fuel the processes of consumer capitalism, processes that have carried us into the midst of social and ecological crises such as climate change, wealth inequality and mass extinction. 
Subvertising is a form of civil disobedience that seeks to reclaim public space by replacing outdoor advertising with art. It is founded on the basic principle that the visual realm in public space belongs to everyone, so no-one should be able to own it. Public space should be a forum for dialogue, debate and the exchange of ideas – something that everyone should be free to participate in, not only the companies and organisations that can afford to rent our attention. 
This short presentation introduces the background behind this 'protest art' movement; it's various forms and functions; and, perhaps most importantly, the tools and know-how to do it yourself.

About James Finucane

James Finucane is a writer, curator, producer and artist specializing in street and public art. He is the founder of Desire Lines and Street Art Oslo, platforms dedicated to producing and disseminating street art and its associated movements in Oslo and the surrounding region, and co-founder of Subvertising Norway, a non-profit collective of artists, activists and designers dedicated to questioning who has the power and authority to communicate messages and create meaning in public space.

About the event series

The OSEH Environmental Lunchtime Discussion series consists of short, 10-15 minute presentations by invited guests, followed by a discussion. We invite speakers from a wide variety of fields, both academic and beyond. The presentations are accessible and are aimed at anyone with an interest in environmental issues. All are welcome.

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Published Oct. 5, 2020 2:16 PM - Last modified July 1, 2022 10:41 AM