The New Fish: Reflections on the Global History of Farmed Salmon. Environmental Lunchtime Discussion

In this talk, reporters Simen Sætre and Kjetil Østli discuss the profitability and severe ecological impacts of salmon fishing in history, and the dangers of speaking out against the industry.

A collage of different newspaper articles on fish.

Sources: Morgenbladet. (2017, 25th of August; 10th of November).

In 2017 and 2018, the investigative reporters Simen Sætre and Kjetil Østli wrote a series of articles about salmon farming and suppression of science. Published in Morgenbladet and Harvest, the series won prizes for groundbreaking reporting on science, and was highly criticized by the salmon industry. After two more years of research, they will now present a book about the history of farmed salmon, under the title The New Fish: A Global History of Farmed Salmon. After a promising start in the 1970, the industry is today both highly profitable, and deeply troubled due to problems with diseases, salmon lice and fish welfare. The authors will give insight into their work, and explain why they see this as a history of unintended consequences.

About the presenters

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Simen Sætre. Source: Cappelen Damm.

Simen Sætre is a Norwegian journalist in Morgenbladet. He has previously published four books, such as Hugo. A biography (2006) and Fjordman. A portrait of an anti-islamist (2013). 

Kjetil S. Østli is a journalist in Aftenposten with backgrounds in the university paper Universitas, Morgenbladet and Forsvarets forum

About the event series

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Kjetil Stensvik Østli. Source: Cappelen Damm.

The OSEH Environmental Lunchtime Discussion series consists of short, 15 minute presentations by invited guests, followed by a discussion. We invite speakers from a wide variety of fields, both academic and beyond. The presentations are accessible and are aimed at anyone with an interest in environmental issues. All are welcome.

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