WEBINAR: The Recovery of Large Carnivores in Norway. Environmental Lunchtime Discussion

What does the recovery of large carnivores in Norway tell us about the nature of conflict and coexistence? John Linnell, senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, offers his perspectives.

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Photo by John Linnell.

This talk will briefly summarize the history of large carnivores in Norway and Europe, their current status and the present management system, and will use this to explore the nature of human-wildlife interactions. Carnivore recovery has been associated with a huge diversity of conflicts, both economic and social. The way that these have developed provides many insights into the pros and cons of different ways of constructing paradigms of nature-human interactions in shared landscapes for the future.

About the speaker

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Picture by Petra Kaczensky.

John Linnell is a senior scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research in Trondheim, and a professor at the Inland University of Applied Sciences, at Evenstad. He has worked on the relationship between wildlife (including large carnivores and large herbivores) and humans for more than 25 years in Norway, Europe, Central Asia, India and Brazil. A central element of his work has been to use the toolkits and conceptual frameworks of multiple natural and social science disciplines to build holistic insights into complex issues.

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Published Mar. 14, 2021 6:53 PM - Last modified Mar. 14, 2021 6:53 PM