The Blue Humanities. Reading Group

Join our February meeting on the topic of the Blue Humanities, or the study of the history and cultural imaginary of the ocean. 

Image may contain: Underwater, Water, Marine biology, Organism, Sea.

Sculpture by Jason deCaries  Taylor, in Mexico.

“No longer relegated to aqua nullius, the ocean is now understood in terms of its agency, its anthropogenic pollution and acidity, and its interspecies ontologies— all of which suggest that climate change is shaping new oceanic imaginaries.” (Deloughrey 34).
We are reading
1. “Submarine Futures of the Anthropocene,” by Elizabeth Deloughrey, which provides an analysis of Jason DeCaires Taylor’s under water sculptures (
2. “‘The ice edge is lost ... nature moved it’: mapping ice as state practice in the Canadian and Norwegian North” by Philip Steinberg and Berit Kristoffersen, on the political ecology of sea Ice
3. “Widening Gyre: A Poetics of Ocean Plastics,” by Mandy Bloomfield’s.
Download the reading right here:
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