Un-earthed: Solarpunk Architecture and Planning

So much of solarpunk discourse is fixated on architecture, planning, and construction. How can we think of these practices through utopian fiction?

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WHEN: Tuesday 14 December 16-17:30 GMT+1
WHERE: stay tuned for zoom link

In this reading group session we are asking how we can best start to plan to build a solarpunk society, since so much of the discourse surrounding the movement is fixated on architecture, planning, and construction. The assigned readings consist of an excerpt from Kim Stanley Robinson's 1990 novel Pacific Edge. In the excerpt we meet the builder Kevin Claiborne, who has been recently elected to sit on his city council, in a future California run according to a much more environmental ethics and politics. The second excerpt is from a text by Eric Hunting, published on the platform Medium - it part of a long, passionate roadmap to and a blue-print for a solarpunk society. You can download the readings from our website www.un-earthed.group

The excerpts provide opportunities to reflect on what it means to build utopia - both literally and metaphorically. What is the difference between planning, building, and renovating? Who should be involved? Who do we build for? And how?


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Published Dec. 2, 2021 2:23 PM - Last modified Dec. 2, 2021 2:23 PM