WEBINAR: Deep Time. Reading Group

"The past is like a foreign country" L.P. Hartley wrote, but the deep past is like an alien world. How can we relate to deep time? And what does walking have to do with it?

a trilobite fossil

a trilobite fossil

The Zoom link to this event: https://uio.zoom.us/j/67404371362?pwd=TkVEZy96STRTR1NFQnhtdkg1V2U1Zz09

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Passcode: deeptime

This November we are thinking about deep time – specifically through the Deep Time Walk – which is an app/experience developed by Stephen Harding and Peter Oswald et al. Find the app here  https://www.deeptimewalk.org/ The app guides you on a 4.6km walk representing the 4.6 billion year history of the earth, at the pace of 1 million years per meter. The walk is about 2,5 hours and stages a conversation between a 'scientist' and 'a fool.' 

Another deep time walk we will look at is Paul Salopek’s ongoing Out of Eden walk, in which he retraces humanity’s migration out of Africa and into Europe, Asia and the America’s. Familiarize yourself with the premise and articles here https://www.nationalgeographic.org/projects/out-of-eden-walk/ 

There is also some optional further reading for those of you interested in visualizing deep time (https://imaginingdeeptime.blogspot.com/, see the exhibition catalogue in particular); and in walking as a research methodology. For walking as a methodology see work by Stephanie Springgay and Sarah E. Truman at the WalkingLab in Toronto. 

Some themes I’m interested in discussing

  • ​Fitness, borders and privilege
  • Temporality and narrative
  • Digital interface / app design
  • Scale and embodiment


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