WEBINAR: Histories of Tree Culture. Reading Group

Why is it that the fate of individual trees often elicits strong emotional responses from people? And what role does personal, cultural or national identity play in this dynamic?

tree tops carefully not touching

This October marks the one-year anniversary of the reading group’s existence at Oslo University. Hurrah! To celebrate, we are finally dipping into environmental history, with a side of heritage studies. The topic? Trees. Trees are all the rage https://edgeeffects.net/tree-story/. To complement the more pop-science side of this discourse we are looking into the history of tree culture and its imbrecation in nationalism, and cultural notions of place. 

We are reading Jared Farmer’s “Taking Liberties with Historic Trees,” which attempts to decolonize tree culture – or arbonationalism – in the U.S.

We are also reading chapter 8 of Owain Jones and Paul Cloke’s book Tree Cultures: The Place of Trees and Trees in their Place – which offers a British case study. 

In our discussion I would like us to think not just about argument, but also about method. How does Farmer’s “argument by accretion” (p. 842) compare to Jones and Cloke’s actor network theory? Whose voices are being taken into account and how are they balanced?

For the curious: feel free to check out this virtual tour of the Hayward Gallery exhibition “Among the Trees” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrjzLLPDITc


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Published Oct. 9, 2020 11:26 AM - Last modified Oct. 20, 2020 8:13 AM