Knowing Natures Eco-Slam

Welcome to an open drop-in exhibition with presentations and performances by students of the Environmental Humanities and Sciences Honours Certificate.

The image is split in two, diagonally. Moss on the left and fish on the right.
Photo: Anastasia Bertheussen/Lisa H. Søyland & Thora B. Sandberg.

The Oslo School of Environmental Humanities cordially invites you to the Knowing Natures Eco-Slam 2021, where students of the Environmental Humanities and Sciences Honours certificate present their research projects through performance, image, sound, and literature.

About the event

The Eco-Slam is an open exhibition hosted by the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities. EHS students will present their final projects, developed during the Knowing Natures course.

There will be performance, image, sound, and literature! All are welcome to this drop-in exhibition, with a program of presentations and performances as listed below.

You can come and go at your own leisure, even without registering. 

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Food and drinks will be served, so please register to help us plan.

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The presenters and their projects

  • Anastasia Bertheussen - A Breathing Wreckage: A Photographic Essay investigating the Creatures living in and around a Plane Wreck at Hansakollen
  • Tarjei Brekke - The Riddle of the Steel Bees
  • Harald W. Bøe - Ecomorphosis - Poetic Urban Encounters
  • Ane Maria G. Døhl - The Nøkk in the Frogner River - Storytelling and Folk Music
  • Mari H. Einang & Vilde N. Hilleren - Folk Farming
  • Ingrid A. P. Ekelund, Emily P. Middendorf & Johannes H. Sletten  - Heim Hage: Sowing Worlds One Seed at a Time
  • Ada W. S. Eldevik, Genver Quirino & Jonatan H. Røhme - Clashing Waves
  • Tiril Sofie Erdal - I rute
  • Merita Fjetland & Marte N. Thomassen - Cheap Food for Whom? An Exploration of Food Chains, Inequality and Environments
  • Rita Kovács - Asbjørnsen Got Lost in the Woods and So Should You: A Physical and Textual Hike Through Nordmarka
  • Simon  O. Roy - Green Gifts: Everyday life and industrial expansions at the Port of Rotterdam
  • Thora B. Sandberg & Lisa H. Søyland - Pores Pearls Plastic: The Memory of Matter
  • Konrad K. Sandvik & Iva Svalina - Environmental Justice Litigation: What can we learn from Norway's experience?
  • Dina Skotnes - Approaching Responsibility: A Study of Norway´s Biggest Oil Companies
  • Sjur S. Strøm - River Restored? Perspectives on Urban Nature, Extinction, and Ecological Restoration after the Chlorine Leakage in Akerselva 2011

About the Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences

The Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH) aims to experiment with new forms of teaching in the Anthropocene. Through collaborative lectures, experimental seminars, and field excursions, students at the Honours Certificate will learn to better understand and address the environmental challenges of our times.

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