Postponed: Workshop. Unworlding and Reworlding: Extinction, Extraction, Emergence

This workshop aims to re-story processes of extinction, extraction, and emergence in multispecies worlds.

Text, Sky, Woods, Bare Landscape

Photo: Crusty Da Klown (Public Domain)

This workshop centres on ex-worlds; on unravelling, ending, and loss. How do these processes and their diverse violences take form in and through multispecies relationships? Conversely, how are diverse projects of resistance and renewal in the face of these processes themselves imagined and enabled by more-than-human entanglements? In short, what insights and resources might multispecies studies offer for better understanding the ending of worlds and for enacting alternative possibilities for life? What might attention to these contexts do to, or demand of, multispecies studies?

Multispecies Studies is an emerging area of interdisciplinary research grounded in the understanding that all of our lives are shaped and enabled by interactions with myriad, diverse beings, organic and inorganic. Multispecies work seeks to re-story processes of extinction and conservation, colonisation and climate change, resource production and extraction, to better reflect the inescapably entangled accountabilities, agencies, and vulnerabilities that shape necessarily (yet also unevenly) shared worlds. More than this, work in this area insists that to fully understand and engage these un/re- worlding processes, a serious engagement with the more-than-human is vital. At the heart of this approach is a commitment to an ontology, epistemology, and ethics of careful attention to the lives and worlds of others, grounded in field research that is in sustained conversation with the social and natural sciences, Indigenous knowledges, and a diversity of other ways of knowing.

The attendance of this workshop is by invitation only.


Tags: Environmental Humanities
Published Feb. 7, 2020 8:01 PM - Last modified June 19, 2020 11:31 AM