Farm Excursion with Certificate Students

In June 2021, students enrolled in the Honours Certificate Programme visited Nabolagshager at Linderud Gård to learn about sustainable food production in Oslo and Viken area. 

Picture of students at a farm excursion
Photo: Ursula Münster
Students working on potato farm
Photo: Ursula Münster

This summer, the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities invited all interested to join an excursion to visit Oslo's urban farm project, Nabolagshager, organized as part of the Environmental Humanities and Sciences Master (EHS) certificate.

The students of Honours Certificate at OSEH met at Linderud Gård in the Northeastern part of Oslo. They engaged with Nabolagshager's project "Oslo Incubator for Urban Food", and spent the afternoon planting potatoes learning about local initiatives to promote sustainable food production in the Oslo and Viken area.

Garden at Linderud Farm, Oslo.
Photo: Ursula Münster

OSEH gives much thanks to Nabolagshager for having us! We are very appreciative of Nabolagshager's hospitality and the warm welcome. We are looking forward to follow the process (Link to those interested in reading more about the initiative)

Tags: OSEH, HF, Environmental Humanities, Sustainability By Erik Nordnes Einum
Published July 1, 2021 1:07 PM - Last modified Jan. 28, 2022 2:51 PM