Hydrophone Workshop with Signe Lidén

On the 28th of August, Honours Certificate students from the Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences participated in a sound workshop with Signe Lidén. The goal of the exercise was to learn how to build microphones and explore how listening in different ways can contribute to place-based learning.

Picture of a woman on the icy fjord with a larger sound instrument

Image: Hilde Methi

Oslo based sound artist Signe Lidén gave a presentation of her work and introduced us to field recording practices and simple microphone building. With Signe's guidance, participants will build their own underwater microphones (hydrophones), which we then used together to listen to, record and playback sounds from the Oslofjord. 

Signe Lidén´s work spans sound installations, sculpture, video and performance to more documentary forms such as sound essays and archives. She is interested in how places and their histories resonate; in memory, through narratives and various materials, as ideological manifestations and political territories.

Lidén has initiated the long term collaborative projects Academy of Rythmorphology and Pavilion: Wetland, both having their first manifestations in 2022. Her work The Tidal Sense (2019), consisted of a residency, exhibition and seminar, commissioned by LIAF, and a part of the project took form as a radio program for BBC 4 in 2021. Field Modulations is a series of works and exhibitions created during Sound Art Residency at St. Johns College in Oxford. Vertical Studies, is an ongoing collaboration with Espen Sommer Eide, created the performance Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections (2017) realized at the Sonic Acts Festival (Amsterdam) and Borealis Festival (Bergen) and Altitude and History (2016) for the Dark Ecology project. Lidén made the installation series Writings for Resonance, European Sound Art Network (2013-14), and collaborated with Steve Rowell and Annesofie Norn on The Cold Coast Archive (2010-12), a project about the Global Seed Vault launched at the Centre for PostNatural History. She was commissioned to make works for SALT, Volt, the Hordaland Art Center, Kunsthall Oslo, Ny Musikk, Touch Radio, and the Interferenze New Arts Festival, among others.

OSEH and the certificate students are very grateful to Lidén for her guidance and we know that her help will become invaluable for the students working with sound for their final projects.

Tags: OSEH, HF, Environmental Humanities, Sound Studies By Tarjei Brekke
Published Sep. 5, 2021 12:05 PM - Last modified Mar. 30, 2022 11:53 AM