PhD Researcher School: Situated Research

At the start of June, OSEH hosted the PhD Researcher School "Situated Research - Exploring Place and Time Through the Environmental Humanities". The researcher school was a part of the NoRS-EH module "Theories and Methods in Environmental Humanities". 

A group of people in front of a yellow wooden building.

Participants and lecturers at the researcher school at Tøyen Hovedgård

Photo: OSEH

At the start of June, we welcomed 22 PhD candidates to Oslo for a four-day Researcher School hosted by OSEH, and cofunded by the Norwegian Researcher School in Environmental Humanities (NoRS-EH)

Combining public events with workshop elements, the researcher school aimed to present and discuss environemental issues through diverse perspectives gathered by the environmental humanities. The full programme for the Researcher School can be found on our website

Two public events were part of the Researcher School: 

The two-day PhD workshop took place at Tøyen Hovedgård, in Oslo's beautiful Botanical Gardens. The modules of the workshop were led by an exciting group of international scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, and used varied teaching methods to make the students think about, discuss and engage with questions concerning place and time in the Anthroposcene. 

More photos from the PhD workshop:

Bildegalleri researcher school 2022
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