New Lecture Series: Welcome to the Anthropocene!

How has the notion of the Anthropocene changed our disciplines, research practice and theories? 

Aerial photo of a mineral extraction area at the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Photo: Mineral extraction at the Great Salt Lake, Utah, NASA

We are exited to announce a new lecture series Welcome to the Anthropocene

In this lecture series, leading scholars at UiO ask how the so-called "Anthropocene" has transformed their discipline, research practice and theories. The term Anthropocene is widely used as a conceptual frame to describe the most recent era in Earth's history where humans have radically changed the planet's climate and ecosystems (Croetzen & Stoermer 2000). Drawing on current research, lecturers such as Dag O. Hessen (biology), Helge Jordheim (cultural history), Jana Sillmann (climate science) and Beate Sjåfjell (law) explore how their disciplines can contribute to a better understanding of the current planetary crisis. 

The lecture series is part of the course EHS4010 but are open to the public. The series will be streamed on Zoom, and you can register to join the whole series online on the event page.

Tags: Environmental Humanities, HF, lecture, Anthropocene
Published Jan. 19, 2021 1:22 PM - Last modified Mar. 30, 2022 12:54 PM