Screen Cultures workshops

Four open seminars discussing works-in-progress.

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Throughout 2020, Screen Cultures will host four 2-hour workshops discussing work-in-progress pertaining to our field. Our goal is to get to know, and provide feedback on, each other’s writing, in a forum where everyone can contribute.

Workshops are open to anyone wishing to attend; advance registration is required. Since the format necessitates active participation, all in attendance will need to read the texts up for discussion. Texts will be circulated a week before the session.

The workshops are hosted by the Media Aesthetics seminar.

Save the date

Our first workshop will take place on February 7th. 

Steffen Krüger will use the opportunity to dust off his pet project with the working title "Instagram, plasticity and mental health - the persistent question of narcissism in social media". 

The following dates are: 3 April, 4 September, and 6 November 2020.

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Interested in having your work-in-progress discussed in one of these seminars?
Send an e-mail to Steffen Kruger.

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