Mini-seminar on scope and (information) structure

In connection with PhD candidate Riccardo Pulicani’s midway evaluation, there will be a one-day mini-seminar on interactions between information structure, sentence structure and operator scope. See the program below and be welcome!


Friday 7 June 2019

10:15 Elena Callegari  Clitic Left Dislocation (CLLD) and PPs: does it move, does it not?
11:15 Kriszta Szendrői (University College London) Investigating quantifer scope judgments in children and adults: an overview
12:15 Lunch  
13:30 Carlo Cecchetto (CNRS, Paris 8) Labeling, (un)probed movement and Quantifier Raising (QR)
14:30 Riccardo Pulicani Nobody likes "everyone" (but most people like lists)​
15:30 Mini-break  
15:45 Kjell Johan Sæbø A critical review of Hemforth and Konieczny (2019) 
16:15   General round of discussion



Kjell Johan Sæbø
Tags: Linguistics, Semantics, Lexicon, Composition
Published May 31, 2019 2:27 PM - Last modified June 3, 2019 1:13 PM