Lexical semantics and modern type theory

SynSem will be organizing a reading group on lexical semantics and modern type theory. We will have four meetings, all of which take place on Mondays 15:00-16:00 in PAM 389.

Below you find the schedule, with links to papers to read.

>May 4 - Asher/Pustejovsky: The Metaphysics of Words in Context
>May 18 - Asher/Pustejovsky: A Type Composition Logic for Generative Lexicon
>June 1 - Luo: Type-theoretical semantics with coercive subtyping
>and Chatzikyriakidis and Luo: Adjectives in a Modern Type-Theoretical Setting
>June 15: Asher: Types, meanings and coercions in lexical semantics


* Actually, this 5 years younger, thoroughly revised version might be easier to relate to: Asher and Pustejovsky (2005) Word Meaning and Commonsense Metaphysics.

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