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Arne Næss auditorium

User manual for Arne Næss auditorium in Georg Morgenstiernes hus

Welcome screen

Trykk for å starte

This is the welcome screen shown when you first touch the control panel.

If the text line saying "Touch to start" / "Trykk for å starte" isn't displayed, this means that the projector is in the middle of cooling down. The room will be ready for use again once this line reappears on the screen.

The empty screen

After the welcome screen you will get sent to the following screen. This means that the audio equipment is activated and that the projector is starting up.

Touchskjermens hovedskjermbilde

You can switch languages by touching the flag icons. 

Selecting input source

When the countdown has finished and the projector is turned on, the screen will look like this:

Velg innkilde - Hva du ønsker å vise fra

The active input source is highlighted in bright blue. To the right is a button marked Mute, which is for blanking out the projected image for short periods.

Audio (sound)

Lydpanel - Justere volum på mikrofoner

On the Sound screen you can adjust the volume of the microphones and the PC in the room. The PC's audio settings are in a separate tab selectable at the top of the screen.

Microphones marked with bright blue have been muted.


If you require assistance with the equipment, the last button on the panel takes you to a screen with contact information.

Kontaktinformasjon når du trenger hjelp i et undervisningsrom

System off

When your lecture is over, please don't forget to power down the equipment before leaving the room:

Systemet avslutter

This is important, especially for these two reasons:

  • All settings are reset to their defaults, which avoids causing trouble for the next person utilizing the room
  • The projector and other equipment will last longer
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