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Webcasting to a Vortex page

This user manual shows how you can webcast at HF.

The AV services have got a Sony PXW-X70 (professional-grade camera with SDI output) and a Teradek CUBE 155 with support for streaming over Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi at their disposal.

This equipment can be borrowed in connection with arrangements and events you wish to make available for streaming on a Vortex page.

Teradek CUBE 155 for webcasts

General information

The AV services need to be informed well in advance about the event, so that the equipment can be prepared to work on location.

If the equipment will be used outside of UiO's campus, you need to provide contact information for a person who can answer network-related questions for the location where the event is to be arranged. Without this information, the AV services will be unable to configure the equipment and it won't be usable.

The AV services don't have capacity to do video production work. If the event is in need of this, the AV services can assist with finding prices for contractors from UiO's external partners. The cost will have to be covered by the party arranging the event.

To stream to a Vortex page on UiO's website, the arrangers of the event will have to contact HF's web publishing staff.



Stream quality

The Teradek equipment is configured to publish the video stream with h.264 and AAC codecs at 720p resolution with 1.5-2Mb/s total bitrate. If you require a higher bitrate, please discuss this with the AV services in advance of the event.

Parallel publishing

If you wish to publish in parallel to Facebook/YouTube or similar video redistribution, the AV services can forward the request to UiO's central AV section.

Dersom parallellpublisering til Facebook/Youtube eller annen videredistribusjon av stream er √łnskelig, kan AV-tjenesten ta kontakt med UiOs sentrale AV-seksjon.


The AV services can access running information on the number of viewers while casting.

Publishing of recordings

The AV services can, on advance request, also arrange for the webcast to be recorded, which can later be published for streaming on demand in Vortex.


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