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Lecture capturing in seminar room 2 in the ZEB building

This user guide is only for this one seminar room, which is equipped with a Wolfvision Cynap.

Lecture capturing

When capturing a lecture, the recording is saved into the network share "\\\wolfvision\hf". This storage area is only accessible from UiO's fixed network, not by wireless connection or from home.

To access this storage area, your user account also has to be a member of the filegroup "hf-cynap". If you wish to make recordings of your lectures in this seminar room, please contact Orkeltjenesten in advance.

Control panel

Start the AV equipment in the room by touching the control panel on the wall.

The projector will start once you've selected an input source. There's a fixed PC in the room, but you can also use your own laptop computer.

Before beginning video capture, you must:

  • Turn on the wireless microphone
  • Turn on the web camera (manually from its remote controller)
  • Turn on the TV (manually from its remote controller). Note: It takes a little while to boot up.
  • Adjust the area you wish to capture with the web camera on the wall. The TV will show awhat the camera is pointing at, and adjustment can be done from the web camera's remote controller. The button marked "Pan/Tilt Reset" will reset the captured area to a predefined default that should be appropriate for most lectures. If you wish to adjust positioning, use the remote controller's arrow keys.

When the above preparatory steps have been done, walk over to the wall-mounted control panel and press "Start Recording" on its "Projector" screen.

Capture will immediately start, and the system keeps recording until you press "Pause" or "Stop Recording."

Note: The recording will not be written to disk until you press "Stop Recording."

Mac limitations

This recording system is unfortunately not usable with Apple products (Mac computers, iPhone, iPad). The reason for this is that the way Apple copy protects video signals from its devices does not allow for recording.

Turning off the system

When the lecture is finished, finalize the recording by pressing "Stop Recording" on the control panel's "Projector" scren. The recording will then be automatically saved to the previously mentioned network storage area and become available for post processing.

Turn off the room's AV equipment from the control panel. Put the wireless microphone back in its charger, and turn off both the TV and web camera with their respective remote controllers

Post processing

Mount network the following areas for file management:

  • The source: \\\wolfvision\hf
  • The target: (via WebDAV)


Start by copying the lecture recording from "wolfvision\hf" to the semester page's WebDAV area. You will be able to locate the relevant video recording by looking at the file names, which are stored with the following naming scheme: HF-bl21-114-Cynap_DATE_TIME (where DATE and TIME are the date and time of recording).

In Vortex's admin mode, access the recording file and switch to the "Edit" tab. Change its title to something more descriptive, for instance "Lecture 2017-01-15".  Next, change its type from "Streamable video" to "Streamable lecture video" below. Select the correct date and time from the pulldown menu labeled "Time of lecture".

Privacy and access limitations

Confirm that the video file is working (it will appear in the course's schedule and on students' "My studies" pages), and that it does not contain segments where students are recognizable.

If you don't want to make the lecture recording publicly available for anyone, access can be limited to only the students taking the course.

We suggest that recordings are limited to students and teaching staff in the course's current semester.

Enter the folder "forelesningsvideo" (lecture video) in Vortex's admin mode and switch to the tab labeled "Permissions". Press the "Edit" link next to the "Read" permissions.

Add the course's student user group (it'll be in a format like this: "Learner:JUS2211:1:2017:VÅ") under "Groups", and each teacher under "Users" (user names will be suggested if you input a person's full name).

Add groups for both MA and BA students where necessary. Note that any subfolders created will automatically inherit the same permissions.

Finally, delete the original file from the source storage area, "\\\wolfvision\hf".

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