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Computers, mobile devices and software

A link collection for guidance on how to set up services on Windows and MacOS computers, as well as for mobile devices.

Information about software available at the university, and contact point for software purchase.


Most faculty staff are equipped with a Windows machine, and there is mostly Windows computers in all our study rooms and on the students' PC-rooms.

Here you will find instructions on how to set up services the university offers on your machine and tips on how to use these them.


The faculty has standardized on Macbook Pro 13" without touch bar for employees who need macOS and software on this platform on their office machine.

Here you will find instructions on how to set up services UiO offers on your machine and tips on how to use them.

VDI and terminal servers

HF standardizes on laptop as the office equipment all its employees eventually get. We wish that the laptop only runs standard office software and that most of the special software available is ran on virtual machines (VDI) and terminal servers. This will save us license costs and simplify the operation of the faculty machinery.

If you need a VDI with special software, contact

See how to use Remote Apps, VMWare Horizon, and Terminal Servers.


The university has a lot of software available to students and employees under different license terms.

A lot of software can be installed directly from the Software Center (Windows) and Managed Software Center (macOS). Other software can be run on terminal server, Remote App or VDI, and is not intended to be installed on laptops or office machines.

If UiO does not have an agreement for the software you need, or this is software that you for some reason must purchase licenses, please contact

Note: For software that uses a cloud service, there must be a data processor agreement for the service. The IT service can help get this in place.

Mobile devices

How to set up UiO services on your mobile devices (mobile phone and tablet).

Information about UiO's
device management system, Airwatch, and what it provides for those who have a mobile device paid by the university, but also how employees can use the service for their private devices.


For those who need Linux to do their research, the faculty preferably offers VDIs set up with Linux. If this is not enough, Linux will be installed on your computer. It is noted that the NABO Group has limited support for this platform.