How to connect to Windows Remote Apps at UiO

This user manual shows you how to connect and use Remote Apps.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop client is only available from Mac App Store. To download it, you need an Apple ID.

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Remote Resources

Click on the Remote Resources button and add the following configuration:

  1. Add the URL to the server for Remote Resources (Remote Apps):
  2. Write your UiO username in the following way: uio\username (\ : Shift + Alt + 7 on a Mac)
  3. Add your UiO password
  4. Click Refresh

Configuring Remote Apps

A list of Windows applications will appear as Remote Resources under My Desktops.

Under Remote Resources you will find the IAKH prosjektserver:

RDP: IAKH Prosjektserver

And File Explorer:

RDP: File Explorer

File Explorer is used for mounting network disks (shares - project disks) and for transferring files.

To mount a network disk in File Explorer go to the tab called Computer and click on Map network drive. Give the drive a letter and write in the path to the folder. For Windows a network path always start with \\. The path could look like this: \\\iakh\africa_gis. Make sure that you enable the option Reconnect at sign-in and click Finish.

Mounting a network disk in file explorer

Copying files with File Explorer

In the column on the left in File Explorer, find your computer.

Your computer in File Explorer

The name of the computer will be different than on the screenshot. Click on the triangle on the left to expand the folder view and drag and drop the file you want to copy:

RDP: Drag and Drop a file



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