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Podcast at HF

Employees at HF who wants to podcast their lectures, have several options for recording and publishing. This article gives some recommendations. For more information please visit HFs pages about podcasting.

Podcast means a series of audio and/or video recordings of lectures posted online so that students can see and listen to the recording afterwards.

How to do recordings - three options

TechSmith Relay

Use the application TechSmith Relay with the webcams installed in the lecture rooms at HF. As of spring 2014, all the lecture rooms on the ground floor in PAM and all the rooms in GM.

To record with TechSmith Relay you will need an account with Uninett. You will find more information about this on USITs pages about of to capture lectures with TechSmith Relay (in Norwegian).
We have made two user manuals on how to use TechSmith Relay:

  1. How to record sound and screen with TechSmith Relay (PDF)
  2. How to record sound and Powerpoint with TechSmith Relay (PDF)

When the recording is completed and you are about to publish it, it is possible to choose that only the sound recording should be published.


A dictaphone (portable MP3 recorder) can be lent at the AV office. It can for instance be used in rooms that do not have TechSmith Relay or a microphone installed.


You can install dictaphone software on your smartphone. We recommend that you do the recordings in the MP3 format. Please read this article on how to best use your smartphone for sound recordings

What can you make recordings of?


TechSmith Relay has the ability for a simple editing when the recording is completed. If there is a break in your lecture, two recordings should be made. Remember to repeat all questions from the audience or they will most likely not be heard on the recording.

Other teachings

For instance parts of seminars, language examples and other.

Supplementary teaching material

You can make answers to questions, comments to the reading list or tasks given in to a podcast, or you can make an elaboration of teaching material in to a screencast. These are just some ideas on what is possible with podcast, but remember that all important or mandatory information should also be given the students in writing!

How to publish your recordings - three options

On the course page for this semester in Vortex

Recordings done with TechSmith Relay can be linked up directly from the server at Uninett, or better, be uploaded on the course page in Vortex and then linked up.

Podcasts published as files in Vortex can either be open for the public or limitations can be set to only the students or to other groups at UiO.

In a room in Fronter

The recordings will then only be made available for the students on the course this semester. Not for students taking this course in the future.

On external servers

This could be Youtube, iTunes, Facebook or other similar services.

See also USITs guide (in Norwegian).

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