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Recording and Lecture Capture

Lecture recording, use of recording studio, webcasting, advice and guidance on audio and video recording.

Lecture recording

The solution Forelesningsfangst (Lecture capture) is installed on several of the lecture machines in the auditoriums at the Faculty of Humanities. It captures the sound of what you say, along with PowerPoint or anything that is displayed from the lecturer on the canvas in the hall.

The admission is automatically uploaded to the tern page for the subject being lectured in.

Techsmith Relay

Several of HF's teaching rooms have the Techsmith Relay software installed. With the software, you can record what you say, along with PowerPoint or anything else that is displayed from the machine. The solution can also use webcam so that your face can be displayed along with the PowerPoint presentation.

You must manually upload your recording to the term page.

Wolffvision Cynap

Audio recording and podcast

The lending service has several dictaphones and camcorders suitable for sound recording, podcasts and videocasts. Please contact us regarding loans, guidance on using the equipment and privacy in connection with recordings.


Are you a lecturer and want to make a recording? Privacy Policy, Declarations of Conformity and Information that a recording will be made.

We can help you with what it takes for the recordings to be carried out, please contact

Multi-camera productions and streaming of events

Please contact the AV service well in advance of the event.

We can lend equipment or order video production through UiO's framework agreements.

Equipment lending

The AV service at the faculty has equipment for audio and video productions available for loans.

Search for the required equipment in our lending database and contact us.