Study abroad

You have the opportunity to study abroad as part of your programme at the Faculty of Humanities. The University of Oslo has exchange agreements in all parts of the world.

Please note that if you are a foreign citizen, there may be limitations to studying at a university abroad. For details and specifications, please contact the International student reception "Knutepunktet"

  • Studies abroad can be included in your study programme at the University of Oslo.
  • Submit a study abroad application (link to Søknadsweb)

Application deadline

The application deadline for study abroad is 15 September in the autumn semester and 15 February in the spring semester.

Advantages of studying abroad

  • A wider range of courses and a different approach to your field of studies
  • The international aspect of your education may give you advantages in your career
  • Language skills
  • In Norway, former exchange students get an average of five percent higher salary than students without international experience (source: NIFU STEP)
  • A study abroad experience will make it easier to get a job that is relevant for someone with your degree (source: University of Oslo student survey)
  • Valuable international networks
  • Personal growth
  • New friendships and experiences
Published June 11, 2010 11:08 AM - Last modified May 6, 2022 2:16 PM