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“Find something that interests you most of all and do everything you can to be good at it” is Helge’s advice for new students.

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Helge Kaasin

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– Describe the most important tasks you have in your current job

– Some of my most important tasks are investigation work in relation to NRK’s online brands and the operative management of these, recruiting and professional follow-up of employees who work with user-friendliness and design, attitude-building work in relation to universal design and other tasks that concern user experience and some interaction design and specific design of screen-based services. 

– What do you like most about your job?

– I like that there are a variety of work tasks and to a great extent I am in charge of my own working day and that there are so many exciting people and subject combinations at NRK. I also really like the fact that the job brings out other sides of me. I’m currently involved in a second nature programme where I took part and helped with filming during a climbing expedition to Svalbard.

– How is the education from The Faculty of Humanities relevant in this job?

– My postgraduate thesis in philosophy was in the field of action theory and described basic definitions and problems in terms of what actions are and how they are motivated. In addition to being theoretically intensive, this was analytical work that required, as so much within philosophy, you to place yourself on the outside and focus specifically on things you take for granted every day. Working particularly with interaction design and generally with quality of use is precisely about seeing what motivates users to take action, as well as identifying and including the unexpressed instruments that differentiate a good user experience from a bad one. My education has given me an awareness to identify the unsaid,  i.e. that which is taken for granted.

– Your best tip for new students who are thinking about job opportunities after graduation?

– Don’t think about it! Find something that interests you most of all and do everything you can to be good at it. Use more time to create an overview and try to express and communicate to others what you are gaining from knowledge. The jobs will then present themselves.


Helge Kaasin




Adviser New Media

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