List of contacts for departments and faculties

To register for courses, please contact the relevant departments and faculties.

Departments at the Faculty of Humanities


Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History


Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages

Courses related to Asia, cultural history, religion and museology:


Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas

Courses related to philosophy, ancient Greece and Rome, art and culture:


Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages

Courses related to European Languages, literature and culture:


Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies

Courses related to Ibsen studies, Viking and Medieval Norse studies, linguistics, Norwegian language and literature, Ibsen studies:

Britt-Marie Forsudd

Norwegian language courses:

Kathrine Kjellmann Brachel

Department of Media and Communication 

Department of Musicology


Centre for Gender Research

Courses related to gender equality, gender and society, feminism:

Helle Pedersen Granum


Centre for Development and the Environment

Courses related to development, sustainability, environmental humanities, politics and development:

Gudrun Cecilie Eikemo Helland


Other faculties

Faculty of Law

Elisabeth Reien


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Student Information Centre 


Faculty of Social Sciences

Student Information Centre


Faculty of Educational Sciences


Faculty of Theology 

Osamah Mohammad Ahmed Rajpoot 


Faculty of Medicine

Anne Westheim







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