Midway Assessment: Open Seminar with Astrid Tvedte Kristoffersen

The midway assessment is an important milestone for doctoral candidates, where they present what they have achieved so far and describe how they are planning to go further towards submission. We invite everyone to participate in the open session.  

Bildet kan inneholde: person, panne, hake, frisyre, øyenbryn.

The open seminar seminar (c. 60 minutes) will review academic elements. This seminar is in the form of a discussion between the external expert and the candidate of the presented chapters/articles handed in for the assessment. The candidate will give a short presentation (about 10 minutes) of the project at the start of the seminar with emphasis on issues he finds important.

The seminar will take place in Zoom. Link will be provided to those who register. 

We ask all who are interested in participating in the open seminar to fill out the registration form

For more information about the midway assessment, please follow the link

Astrid Tvedte Kristoffersen's doctoral project (2019‒2022) has the working title "Heavy Metal and Silvery Tunes. Lead and silver production in the Oslo Region, AD 1030-1537". The main objective of the project is to investigate if and how people in the Oslo Region exploited the local silver-bearing lead ore mineral galena for silver and lead production during the Middle Ages (AD 1030–1537). The overarching aim is to deepen our understanding of raw material accessibility, and metal production technology, before the account of such practices in documentary sources by the end of the 15th century. Based on lead isotope analysis of a selection of lead and silver artefacts from the Oslo Region, Kristoffersen will discuss the use of local and foreign metal sources. The theoretical and methodological concept of chaîne opératoire is used as a main framework for discussing the technological processes, and network theory to explore access to raw materials, actors and trade.

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