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Tid: 2. okt. 2020


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Tid: 17. juni 202018. juni 2020

Together with invited guest lecturers Liedeke Plate, Professor of Culture and Inclusivity at Radboud University, and Miran​da Anderson, Anniversary Fellow in Philosophy at University of Stirling, the workshop explores the interplay of literature, material culture, and cognition.

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Tid: 11. juni 2020 13:0015:00

11 June, Romke Rouw, from the University of Amsterdam visits the LCE reading group.

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Tid og sted: 11. juni 2020 10:0012:00, Seminar room 10, P.A Munch

Bruno Laeng, Professor in cognitive neuropsychology at the University of Oslo, and Romke Rouw, Assistant Professor in psychology at the University of Amsterdam, will speak on synesthesia in this joint lecture.

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Tid: 25. mai 2020 13:0015:00

Lisa Zunshine, author of Why We Read Fiction, will visit the LCE reading group 25 May.

Tid og sted: 25. mai 2020 10:0012:00, 12th floor, Niels Treschows hus

Lisa Zunshine, Professor in English at the University of Kentucky, speaks on how mind-reading in literature, theatre and visual art is affected by culture.

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Tid: 20. mai 2020 15:0016:00

On 20 May, the LCE reading group meets again.

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Tid: 12. mai 2020 15:0017:00

On 12 May, Professor of Anthropology at the UCLA, Alan Fiske visits the LCE reading group.

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Tid: 6. mai 2020 15:1516:00

On 6 May, the LCE reading group will have a second meeting on Lev Vygotsky to discuss a chapter from Psychology of Art.

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Tid: 6. mai 2020

On 5 May, the reading group will be visited by the speaker of the LCE Annual Lecture; Stefan Collini.

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Tid: 5. mai 2020

MA students writing their thesis in the intersection of literature and psychology will have the chance to discuss their project with the holder of the 2020 LCE Annual Lecture, Stefan Collini.

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Tid og sted: 5. mai 2020, Blå, Brenneriveien 9 Oslo

In connection with the LCE Annual Lecture, Litteratur på Blå and LCE organise an outreach event at the popular venue Blå.

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Tid og sted: 4. mai 2020 14:0016:00, Aud 1, Georg Svedrups Hus

This year’s LCE Annual Lecture will be held by Stefan Collini.

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Tid og sted: 29. apr. 2020 16:0018:00, Zoom

Alan Fiske, Professor of Anthropology at the UCLA, speaks on different ways of remember-knowing, using examples from literature.

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Tid: 22. apr. 2020 15:1516:00

On 22 April, the LCE reading group will discuss a chapter from Lev Vygotsky’s Thought and Language.

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Tid: 22. apr. 2020
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Tid og sted: 3. apr. 2020, 12. etasje Niels Treschows hus
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Tid: 19. mars 2020 13:0015:00

On 19 March, the LCE reading group will be visited by Sarah Bro Trasmundi.

Photo of Sarah Bro Trasmundi
Tid og sted: 19. mars 2020 10:0012:00, Seminar room 14, P.A Munchs hus

This event has been cancelled to prevent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). In her lecture, Sarah Bro Trasmundi, Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, speaks on the embodied, distributed and dialogical aspects of reading.

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Tid: 14. feb. 2020 14:1516:00

The LCE reading group will discuss an article by Angelos Chaniotis entitled “Rituals between Norms and Emotions: Rituals as Shared Experience and Memory”.

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Tid: 24. jan. 2020 14:1516:00
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Tid: 10. des. 2019 14:1516:00
A hand writing with a pen
Tid og sted: 25. nov. 2019 10:0014:00, Niels Treschows hus, 12 etasje

In the LCE Writing Workshop we introduce different writing techniques, tools and styles together with journalist and poet Kristina Leganger Iversen

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Tid: 19. nov. 2019 14:1516:00
Picture of Karin Kukkonen
Tid og sted: 12. nov. 2019 13:1515:00, Forsamlingssalen, Harald Schjelderups hus