Persons tagged with «History»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Abou-Hodeib, Toufoul Associate Professor +47 22857088 History, Modern History, The Middle East, Material Culture
Andersen, Arvid Lecturer History
Andersen, Kåre A Professor Emeritus +47 22844085 History
Bruland, Kristine Professor Emeritus +47 22857942 +47 91713939 (mob) History
Collett, John Peter Professor +47 22857455 History
Engh, Sunniva Associate Professor +47 22856269 History
Fossestøl, Ingeborg Doctoral Research Fellow 47968141 History, Intellectual history, Translation, Periodicals
Friedman, Robert Marc +47 22854205 +4791639068 (mob) +47 916 39 068 History, History of Science, History of Universities, Polar Hiistory, Historical Sociology of Knowledge, Diffusing historical scholarship through dramatization
Førland, Tor Egil Head of Department +47 22854893 +47 93424686 (mob) History
Gjersø, Jonas Fossli Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22854069 Economic History, History, East Africa, Contemporary History, Slave Trade, Oil History, Imperial History, International History, British Empire
Grimnes, Ole Kristian Professor Emeritus History
Hagemann, Gro Professor Emeritus +47 22844491 History
Hemstad, Ruth Associate Professor +47 22856518 +47 93437312 History
Holmberg, Susann Doctoral Research Fellow History of knowledge, Early modern history, Cultural history, History
Johannessen, Finn Erhard Professor +47 22856853 History
Kjeldstadli, Knut Professor Emeritus History, Migration, Modern history, Theory and method, Cultural history, Social History
Lange, Even Professor Emeritus +47 22856176 +47 95077051 (mob) History
Larsen, Eirinn Professor of History 22857205 92226993 (mob) # 4792226993 History
Lie, Einar Professor +47 22857562 +4793284945 (mob) History, Contemporary History, Economic History, Planning and policymaking
Mathiesen, Henrik Olav Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854987 History
Maul, Daniel Professor +47 22857021 0047-96823320 History
McNicol, John Senior lecturer History, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, History on Film
Myhre, Jan Eivind Professor Emeritus +47 22854467 +4748423304 (mob) History
Mørk, Hulda Kjeang Doctoral Research Fellow History
Naderer, Max Doctoral Research Fellow Medieval Studies, History
Nissen, Ada Elisabeth Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22857270 History
Njølstad, Olav Professor II +47 22854415 +4797675260 (mob) History
Nordby, Ole-Albert Rønning Senior Lecturer +4741047025 History, The Middle Ages, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Cultural history, Political culture, Legal history, Scandinavia
Nysether, Hilde Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857767 94988015 History, Middle Ages, Norway, Iceland, Scandinavia, Political culture
Pharo, Helge Ø. Professor Emeritus +47 22856874 History
Pouillard, Veronique Professor +47 22857204 History, Economic History, Business History, women's history, Fashion History, Media history, Belgium, France, Congo
Price, Pamela Gwynne Professor Emeritus +47 22856877 +4797022241 (mob) History
Rian, Øystein Professor Emeritus +47 22854940 History
Sandvik, Hilde Professor +47 22855741 History
Seip, Anne-Lise Professor Emeritus +47 22856878 History
Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Professor +47 22841955 +4797149914 (mob) +47 97149914 Christianity, Medieval Studies, History, Medieval History, Social History, Viking Age, Vikings, Church History, Iceland, Norway, Political culture, Scandinavia, Cultural history
Simensen, Jarle Professor Emeritus History
Storsveen, Odd Arvid Professor +47 22858183 +4797733392 (mob) History
Sæther, Steinar Andreas Professor +47 22858246 Latin America, History, Migration, Social History, Colonial History
Sørensen, Øystein Professor +47 22856915 +4748152920 (mob) History
Thomassen, Eivind Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856077 History
Vik, Hanne Hagtvedt Professor +47 22841953 History
Waage, Hilde Henriksen Professor +47 22857238 History, Contemporary History, Peace and Conflict
Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina Associate Professor +47 22858251 +47 48188068 (mob) History, Italian History, Italy, Fascism, Neo-fascism, Right Extremism