Research areas and supervisers available for PhD applicants at IAKH 2017


Research areas Supervisor
Technology and/or economy in Scandinavian Iron Age and/or Early Medieval Period. It is an advantage if the project is interdisciplinary in scope and approach Unn Pedersen
What role did material culture play in the formation and maintenance of social regulations in ancient Mediterranean cultures? Søren Handberg  


Research areas Supervisor
Innovative (non-invasive) scientific methods for the characterization, cleaning, and study of degradation phenomena of painted surfaces Francesco Caruso


Research areas Supervisor
Global Social Policy - Practises, Discourses and Institutions: from humanitarian aid to labour standards, from development to social rights Daniel Maul
Judging the Past: Modern Societies vis-à-vis Dictatorship, War, and Genocide or Leaving the World of Print. The Information Industry after 1950 Kim Priemel
Fascism or Consumerism or Colonialism and genocide or Pacifism and antimilitarism or The Cold War or Modern Germany and Italy Patrick Bernhard
Norway and the Nordics in international development, population and health efforts or Recent South Asian history or The Nordic Model of society Sunniva Engh
Global governance and international law in the 20th century, including studies of human rights, humanitarianism and migration, or US or Nordic foreign policy Hanne Hagtvedt Vik
19th and early 20th century: the Arctic, tourism, expeditions, nation building, cultural history of science or Museum history Ulrike Spring
Popular culture in 20th century Western Europe: creative labour, cultural industries, interactive audiences Klaus Nathaus
Social and cultural history of the modern Arab world (19th-20th Century) Toufoul Abou-Hodeib
US politics—left, right, and other or US-based international affairs or US peace and civil rights movements or US religion or The 1960s Doug Rossinow
Innovation on the margins: Revisiting 'creative destruction' from below - Ethnicity, religion, class and gender Eirinn Larsen
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