Kaja Hannedatter Sontum

Senior Lecturer - Archaeology
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Phone +47 22841910
Mobile phone +47 91740072
Visiting address Blindernveien 11 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1008 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic interests

Intersections of heritage, identity and politics; heritage and migration; narratives of belonging; heritage management and dissemination; contemporary archaeology; discourse theory and analysis


I am currently (2016-2019) a PhD candidate in archaeology at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH), University of Oslo (UiO). I graduated from UiO with an MA in archaeology and critical heritage studies in 2015, after submitting my thesis on responses by Norwegian heritage management to perceived challenges of globalisation and demographic changes. This work brought me to the University of Cambridge as an exchange student in 2014. I have participated in several archaeological excavations and heritage management projects, most recently at the Museum of Cultural History, UiO.


Tags: Archaeology, Identity politics, Heritage, Contemporary archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology


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  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter; Jammeh, Haddy; Khalid, Sarah; Gamal, Omar Samy & Fredriksen, Per Ditlef (2022). Hvem bestemmer hva som er vår kulturarv?
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter (2022). The Future Past - Producing critical heritage research and narratives in cooperation with youths by using an archaeological excavation as point of departure.
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter (2019). “I am a mix” - Urban youths’ negotiations of heritage and identity in an age of migration: a perspective from Oslo, Norway.
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter (2019). "Jeg er en miks" - om hvordan Oslo-ungdommers fortellinger utfordrer identitetskategorier i kulturarvsfeltet.
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter (2018). Defining ‘heritage communities’ in an age of global migration. Urban youths’ narratives of translocality: a perspective from Oslo, Norway.
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter (2018). Confronting categories of heritage and identity: Urban youths’ narratives of translocality.
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter (2016). Mellom enhet og mangfold: Den norske kulturminneforvaltningens reaksjoner på utfordringer knyttet til globalisering og demografiske endringer.
  • Sontum, Kaja Hannedatter & Fredriksen, Per Ditlef (2016). Tensions Between Unity and Diversity: Responses by Norwegian Heritage Management to Challenges of Globalization and Demographic Changes.

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