Lorenza La Rosa

Doctoral Research Fellow
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Phone +47 22841907
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Room 126
Visiting address Blindernveien 11 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1008 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic interests

Purpose of my project is to study the production of pottery terra sigillata italica and tardo italica in the area of ​​Pisa (Tuscany, Italy) as case study to assess the environmental impact of large scale manufactures during the Roman Times. Therefore, I work on the production cycle and work organization together with environmental analysis, which combines the study of old sources, material facts and comparisons with well-known productive districts, with archaeobotanic, palinological and archaeological analyzes.

My academic interests include Roman Archeology, Landscape Archeology, Archeometry, Environmental Archeology, Archeology of Production, and New Materialism.


  • 2011: Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage Science and Archeology, Pisa University (Italy) with the dissertation "Amphorae production in Late Roman Sicily: Acium and Naxos kilns";
  • 2016: Master's degree in Classical Archeology, Pisa University (Italy) with the dissertation "The Roman city of Pisa. Spatial analysis for a reconstruction of the landscape";
  • 2016-2017: Internship at the MAL Environmental Archeology Laboratory, Umeå University (Sweden) with a project about design and implementation of a 3D GIS for the Mesolithic site of Lillsjön, Pengsjö Ångermanland.

Throughout and after my studies I have participated in several archaeological excavations in Italy, Tunisia and France and I worked at the implementation of a DB for an archaeological potential map of Pisa ( http://www.mappaproject.org/?lang=en ) .

Besides, I worked as a teacher in primary and secondary school with projects on Archeology, History, Historical Landscape and Identity in Cultural Heritage.

Tags: Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Material Culture, Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, PhD candidate archaeology


  • Sciuto, Claudia; Geladi, Paul; La Rosa, Lorenza; Linderholm, Johan & Thyrel, Mikael (2018). Hyperspectral Imaging for Characterization of Lithic Raw Materials: The Case of a Mesolithic Dwelling in Northern Sweden. Lithic Technology.  ISSN 0197-7261.  44(1), s 22- 35 . doi: 10.1080/01977261.2018.1543105

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