Alexandre Simon-Ekeland

Doctoral Fellow
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Room 510
Visiting address Niels Treschows Hus


BA in History, University of Caen, 2011

MA in Historical research, University of Caen, 2013

MA Teaching History and Geography, University of Caen, 2016

2015-2016 : teacher, history and geography, Jules Michelet Middle School, Lisieux (France)

2016-2018 : teacher, history and geography, Simone de Beauvoir High School, Garges-lès-Gonesse (France)

PhD Project

Under the supervision of Ulrike Spring and Peder Roberts, I study French polar exploration between 1860 and 1940: its achievements, and its numerous failures. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, I study the expedition projects and the French media of the time in order to understand why polar research did not become a more important part of the French culture of exploration.


Tags: Polar history, History of Emotions, Media history, Knowledge history, French History


  • Simon-Ekeland, Alexandre (2021). A Fascinated Disgust: French Travellers and North Norwegian Whaling at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. In Kaasa, Janicke S.; Lothe, Jakob & Spring, Ulrike (Ed.), Nordic Travels . Novus Forlag. ISSN 978-82-8390-078-1. p. 69–86. Full text in Research Archive
  • Simon-Ekeland, Alexandre (2020). La plaque commémorative du "Latham 47" à Tromsø. Pratiques touristiques et journalistiques. DESHIMA, revue d'histoire globale des pays du Nord. ISSN 1957-5173. p. 117–132.
  • Simon-Ekeland, Alexandre (2018). « Les « pays du Nord » européens dans la géographie imaginée des journalistes du Petit Parisien, 1876-1914 ». DESHIMA, revue d'histoire globale des pays du Nord. ISSN 1957-5173. Full text in Research Archive
  • Simon-Ekeland, Alexandre (2018). Le(s) discours sur le froid dans "Le Petit Parisien" en 1900, Le froid : adaptation, production, effets, représentations. Presses de L'Université du Québec. ISSN 978-2-7605-4923-4. p. 147–160. doi: 10.2307/j.ctv6zd9dq.11.

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