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Academic interests

My academic interests are economic history, global history and history of technology


I have a PhD in economic history from the University of Geneva. My thesis is a comparative study of Chile and Norway, two ‘natural resource intensive economies’, which have had divergent economic development trajectories, yet are closely similar in industrial structure and geophysical conditions.

I analyse a central resource activity in the two countries, namely mining, from around 1870 to 1940, a period in which world mining went through radical technological changes, and the years leading up to the economic gap between the two economies.

I propose a study of comparative economic development, exploring these developmental differences by looking in detail at how knowledge accumulation occurred, and how it was transformed by learning into technological innovation.

The main question I address is how and why these two countries have developed so differently, and I explore this by looking to similar knowledge organisations which were directly involved in developing knowledge for mining, mainly formal and practical education, industrial societies and exhibitions, laboratories and research centres.

I am currently doing a post-doc at the University of Oslo and participating in the research project  “Copper in the Early Modern Period. A Comparative Study of Work and Everyday Life in Falun and Røros”. The project explores copper production in Røros and Falun with the aim of exploring the two copper mines from a global perspective and to connect them to global markets.

Tags: Industrihistorie, Economic History, History, Global history


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