Linn Willetts Borgen

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  • Medieval studies
  • Architecture
  • Materiality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Church history


  • Master's degree in art history, UiO (2013)
  • Bachelor's degree in history, UiO (2012)
  • Bachelor's degree in art history, UiO (2010)

PhD Project

My project deals with adaption and transformation in the stave churches during the period 1247-1723. Main points of interest include the practical execution of the transformations, attitudes towards the reuse of older building parts and the spatial qualities produced through the transformations. By studying the use of stave technique both before and after the reformation, I hope to shed light upon the dynamics between craft traditions, local community and religious developements.

My work is part of the interdisciplinary project "Systems of Knowledge in the Nordic Middle Ages".



Tags: Material Culture, Art History, Architecture, Medieval Studies


Borgen, Linn (2014). "Et Capell paa Øren i Lougen Elv". Fortidsminneforeningens årbok. 168. årgang, s. 211-228

  • Borgen, Linn Willetts (red.) (2016). Fortidsminneforeningens årbok 2016. Fortidsminneforeningen.  ISBN 9788290052831.  200 s.

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  • Bleken, Halfdan; Kjesrud, Karoline & Borgen, Linn Willetts (2019, 24. april). Fra stavkirke til Lambda: norske signalbygg gjennom 1000 år. [Radio].  NRK P2.

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