Max Naderer


Bachelor's degree in history and Scandinavian studies, University of Greifswald (2012)

Master's degree in history, University of Greifswald (2016)

PhD project

Within my PhD-project I want to discuss the use, function and perception of (physical) violence in the political culture during the Nordic ‘civil wars’ in the High Middle Ages. Geographically I will focus on Norway and Denmark, and compare these regions as described in the narrative sources in Old Norse as well as Latin. By comparing these, not only different regions, but also different literary cultures I will hopefully be able to identify characteristics and mutualities. By focusing on a special phenomenon, i.e. violence, I will be presumably get a glimpse of the normative framework, the political “rules of the game” and their possible changes as well as the literary device to depict them.

My work is part of the project "The Nordic ‘civil wars’ in the High Middle Ages from a cross-disciplinary and comparative perspective".

Tags: Medieval Studies, History


  • Naderer, Max (2019). Die Bedeutung der Folkunger für die Staatsbildung Schwedens, I: Inger Schuberth & Maik Reichel (red.),  Deutschland - Schweden - Finnland: Kriege, Politik und Kultur durch die Jahrhunderte. Beiträge eines wissenschaftlichen Kolloquiums der Schwedischen Lützen-Stiftung Göteborg in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt und dem Museum Lützen vom 3.-6. November 2012 in Lützen. 6. Lützener Gespräch.  Landeszentrale für politsche Bildung Sachsen-Anhalt; Stiftelsen Lützenfonden Göteborg; Heimat- und Musemsfreunde Lützen e.V..  ISBN 978-3-00-062459-9.  14.  s 159 - 168

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