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Melina Antonia Buns is international and environmental historian, and currently lecturer and researcher (completion grant) in history at IAKH. 

She holds a PhD from the University of Oslo (June 2021), with the thesis Green Internationalists: Nordic Environmental Cooperation, 1967-1988’. She also holds an MA in International and Global History from Aarhus University, Denmark (2016). During her PhD, she has been visiting doctoral candidate at Lund University, Sweden, and the Rachel Carson Center, Munich, Germany. The international archival research during Buns’s PhD project has been generously supported by Thorleif Dahls legat for historisk forskning, Professor Morgenstiernes fond and Letterstedtska föreningen. 

From December 2021, she will be an NFR post-doctoral fellow at the University of Stavanger and at KTH with her project ‘Nuclear Nordics: Radioactive Waste Spatialities, Materialities and Societies in the Nordic Region, 1960s to 1990s’.

Research Interests

My research interests include Nordic history and cooperation, international environmental policies, environmental economics, nuclear history, and environmental movements.

Green Internationalists: Nordic Environmental Cooperation, 1967-1988

As the first of its kind, the thesis explores institutionalised Nordic environmental cooperation through a transnational perspective. Ultimately, the thesis argues that the interests and ulterior motives to this international environmental commitment of the Nordics have not been as ‘green’ as generally claimed. Instead of environmental pioneers, the thesis proposes to describe the Nordic countries as green internationalists: the Nordics used their cooperation in order to protect their own national environmental interests – motivated more substantively by economic rather than by ecological concerns. A full abstract is available in the ESEH Dissertation Database or below under 'publications'. You can also watch a short presentation of 'Green Internationalists', given at the ESEH Environmental History Today seminar series in June 2021.

Tags: History, Environmental History, International History


  • Buns, Melina Antonia (2017). Marching Activists: Transnational Lessons for Danish Anti-Nuclear Protest. Arcadia. ISSN 2199-3408. doi: 10.5282/rcc/7918

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