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Bachelor's degree in philosophy, University of Oslo (2013)

Master's degree in history, University of Oslo (2015)

PhD project

My PhD-project deals with how oaths were used as proof in the medieval Norwegian laws. The practice of using oaths as proof, also called compurgation, worked in such a way that the defendant in legal dispute could swear an oath in order to refute the accusation they were charged with. The more serious the accusation, the more people had to swear together with the defendant in order for the oath to be valid. In addition to witness testimony, compurgation was the most important mode of proof in the thirteenth-century Norwegian laws, but despite this, the institution has never been subject to systematic analysis. My project will therefore examine how these oaths changed in the legal text that have survived from the thirteenth century and attempt to explain these changes. Such an analysis will not only garner insight into the Norwegian medieval legal system, but also a greater understanding of how people in the medieval world conceptualized truth and knowledge.

My work is part of the interdisciplinary project Systems of Knowledge in the Nordic Middle Ages (SKiN).

Tags: History, The Middle Ages, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Cultural history, Political culture, Legal history, Scandinavia


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  • Rønning, Ole-Albert; Vogt, Helle & Sigh, Helle Møller (ed.) (2017). Donations, Inheritance and Property in the Nordic and Western World from Late Antiquity until Today. Routledge.  ISBN 978-1-138-19583-7.  331 s.

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