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BA history, University of Oslo (2007)

MA history, University of Oslo (2016)


"Knowledge and disease: a study of the development of knowledge in venereal diseases in 18th Century Denmark-Norway"

My project explores the history of knowledge by studying what was "known" regarding venereal diseases amongst different knowledge-groups in early modern Denmark-Norway, and how this knowledge evolved.


Tags: History of knowledge, Early modern history, Cultural history, History


  • Holmberg, Susann (2018). Guaiacum. A circulating cure for syphilis., In  Circulation of Knowledge: Explorations in the History of Knowledge.  Nordic Academic Press.  ISBN 978-91-88661-28-9.  11.  s 219 - 231

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  • Holmberg, Susann (2020). Contracting Knowledge. Venereal Disease in Eighteenth-Century Norway. Show summary

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