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The Department covers the entire human history, from the first hunter-gatherers to modern history. The research is based on historical sources and archaeological evidence, as well as the conservation of objects and paintings.

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Research news

Dialogues with the Past

The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology, ‘Dialogues with the Past’ (DIALPAST), is a well-established research school for PhD students from the Nordic countries, Kiel, St.Petersburg and the Baltics. 

The Norwegian Research School in History

The Norwegian Graduate School in History is a research school for PhD students of history. 

HEI: Heritage Experience Initiative

HEI aims at developing critical heritage research in close cooperation with the heritage sector and will experiment with new teaching models.

Oslo School of Environmental Humanities

An initiative to strengthen research and teaching that engages with the current climatic and environmental crisis from interdisciplinary perspectives.

International Academic Staff

Practical information for international researchers and staff.