Digital Practice Workshop: Critically Engaging with the Digital Turn in Archaeology

PhD Workshop, December 14-16, 2016.

Dialogues With the Past. The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology.

Screen shot of ArcGIS project of a trench at the Uppåka excavation. (DARK Lab - Digital Archaeology Laboratory Lund).

The digital development in the field of archaeology is in a rapid phase of change, as digital technology itself is developing quickly, and advanced hardware and in particular software is becoming increasingly affordable as well as accessible. Digital techniques that were only used by a privileged few only a few years ago can now be put to work in almost any archaeological project. This workshop aims at developing the digital skills of the students. It is thought to be a continuation of the course “Theorising digital archaeology: critically engaging with the digital turn in archaeology” but can be attended by any student with an interest in digital archaeology. However, the critical engagement with the methods that is stressed in the course will also be a focus for this workshop.


Course work

Before the course starts, each PhD student will prepare a short paper for pre-circulation (4 pages, Times New Roman 12, Spacing 1,5), focusing either on experiences with the implementation of a digital method to a certain archaeological material, or on future plans to use a digital method in an archaeological project. The material used in workshop will be taken from a series of case studies as well as from the student projects. If possible, the workshop may be adjusted according to the methods used in the student papers. This means that the outline of the practical workshop will depend on what kind of methods the students have used.

The workshop will give an introduction to selected methods such as 3D modelling using case studies, e.g. Uppåkra and Kämpinge, Sweden, Çatalhöyük, Turkey and Pompeii, Italy. The students will be able to work with material from the case studies to get practical experience. The students will be working both in a classroom setting with computers, as well as practical experiments in the field. 


Preliminary outline

Day one:

Practical introduction and presentation of case studies (Uppåkra, Kämpinge and Çatalhöyük)

Practical workshop in groups

Day two:

Visit at the HumLab (introduction concerning immersive systems and 3D instruments for field acquisition)

Practical workshop in groups

Day three:

Outdoor activities, documentation with UAV (Drone) ad RTK GPS at the archaeological site of Uppåkra.

Presentation and discussion of group assignment

Concluding remarks



Dr. Åsa Berggren (Sydsvensk Arkeologi)

Associate Professor Nicolo Dell’Unto (Lund University)

Dr. James Taylor (York University)





Location, travel and costs

The seminar will take place at Lund University.The Graduate School will finance and arrange travel and accommodation, as well as supply a daily allowance during the workshop for all participating PhD students who are part of the Dialogues With the Past network. Students outside the Dialogues with the Past network will have to cover these costs themselves.



The Graduate school invites all registered PhD students to apply for participation. Please follow this link to apply for the course (in English only). From these applications, c. 10 PhD students will be admitted to the workshop.

For more information please contact:


Important dates

Application for participation: August 15, 2016  August 23, 2016

Submission of working papers (4 pages, Times New Roman 12, Spacing 1,5): November 1, 2016


Dr. Åsa Berggren (Sydsvensk Arkeologi)
Tags: Digital Archaeology, Çatalhöyük, Pompeii, Uppåkra, Kämpinge, PhD workshop, The Digital Turn, Dialogues with the Past
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