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Critical Historiography

We study topics at the forefront of historical research.

A group of people who represent some of the foremost philosophers of antiquity, some of whom stand bent over a blackboard while others hold a globe and talk together. Painting.

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, The School of Athens (detail), 1511. Source: Wikimedia commons, Public Domain. 

About the group

We are a research group for members and guests to discuss ongoing work and project ideas at the forefront of historical research. Working on a range of topics from different periods, our group members share a problem-led approach to research.

We study the past to contribute to historiographical debates, often informed by concepts we derive from neighbouring disciplines.

Some topics group members are working on include:

  • The premises and practices of international law
  • The organisation and experience of labour
  • The production of culture
  • Civil society
  • Political citizenship
  • Transmission of knowledge
  • The modern Mediterranean


Critical Historiography hosts regular seminars where members or guest scholars present ongoing work for discussion. The seminars are open, we invite interested colleagues to join and encourage them to contact us if they want to present their own research.

The group aims at establishing a research community of historians at all levels at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH). Participation in this community is meant to help doctoral candidates produce relevant work and to inspire faculty to develop ideas for cutting-edge research. As an open forum, the group also allows members to establish and maintain relations beyond the department.

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