Guest lectures in conservation and restoration

All are welcome to the following two invited guest lectures: «Colour and Colour Change in Van Gogh’s Paintings» and «Insights into the organic materials of objects, their changes and preservation»  

Ella Hendriks: «Colour and Colour Change in Van Gogh’s Paintings»

Hendriks is full Professor of Conservation and Restoration of Moveable Cultural Heritage at the Faculty of Humanities (Department of Arts & Culture), University of Amsterdam, where she teaches at all levels of the five-year conservation training programme and supervises PhD’s. After training as a conservator of easel paintings at the Hamilton Kerr institute, University of Cambridge, UK, she moved to Holland where from 1987 to1999 she was Head of Conservation at the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, and from 1999-2016 Senior Paintings Conservator at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. In 2006 Hendriks gained her PhD at the University of Amsterdam relating to technical and conservation studies of Van Gogh’s paintings in the Van Gogh Museum collection and continues to perform research in this area. She holds a broad interest in aspects relating to the theory and history of conservation and enjoys working together with specialists from other fields to develop new conservation tools and methodologies.

Adriana Rizzo: «Insights into the organic materials of objects, their changes and preservation»

Rizzo is a Research Scientist in the Department of Scientific Research at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She graduated in industrial chemistry from the University of Venice, Italy, and received a Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Easel Paintings from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. Following internships in the scientific departments of the National Gallery in London and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, she joined the Metropolitan Museum in 2004. Here, she carries out analytical work for the study and conservation of a variety of objects from different periods and cultures, mainly using molecular spectroscopy and mass-spectrometry techniques. She is interested in the study of organic materials and their degradation, and conservation-related issues.

«Insights into the organic materials of objects, their changes and preservation»
The identification of the materials of artworks, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, as well as fashion items, is a very important complement to connoisseurship and preservation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  From materials one can determine the technique of manufacture, assess the date and provenance of the artworks, and even confirm attributions. Sometimes the current appearance of objects can differ from what was originally intended due to chemical and physical changes that occurred in their materials. These changes can be a consequence of inherent instability of the materials themselves, environmental factors and human interventions, including handling and the artwork’s conservation history.  
This presentation will illustrate some challenging cases where the investigation of organic media in museum objects has improved their appreciation, as well as informed their preservation for posterity.

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