MUNCH150 Conference in Oslo

Conservation Studies at the University of Oslo celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Edvard Munch (1863-1944) by hosting an international conference.

Public paintings by Edvard Munch and his contemporaries. Change and conservation challenges was held in UiO’s festival hall (the Aula) in the middle of Oslo, 28−30 June 2013.


Exactly how and why do these paintings change? Our aim was to focus on conservation problems, challenges and solutions in relation to cleaning, structural treatment and display. Interdisciplinary approach was encouraged.


A number of recent and present Munch conservation projects have revealed that a vast number of the artist’s paintings have conditional problems such as surface contamination (including invisible metal soaps and salts), white crusts, water stains, bird droppings as well as flaking paint and other structural damages. Some of these changes are related to the artist’s technique and choice of materials, others to past restorations, unsuitable storage/display or simply due to neglect. It is obvious that the same goes for many paintings by Munch’s contemporaries.


Peer reviewed conference postprints are planned for the end of 2015.  Then ordering and purchase will be possible through Archetype Publications, London.


The MUNCH150 Conference cooperates with "Munch 150 - a Celebration of Edvard Munch's work and significance".


IAKH, UiO and FRITT ORD Foundation for the conference
IAKH, UiO, MUNCH 150 (National Museum and Munch-Museum) and Museum of Cultural History (KHM), UiO for the publication


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