Claus Fasting’s journals (completed)

The main aim is to examine how the design and reception of the journals were shaped by encounters with international journals, genres, texts and ideas on the one hand and by the local legal, technological and aesthetic contexts on the other. Presentation in Norwegian.

Claus Fasting.

About the project

What role did these journals play in establishing, shaping and challenging a local and Danish-Norwegian audience?

The project will look at the Norwegian author Claus Fasting’s (1746–91) journals Provinzialblade and Provinzial-Samlinger. These were published weekly in Bergen from 1778–1781 and in 1791 respectively. The Provinzialblade in particular was considered  one of the most prominent cultural journals in Norway at the time. Fasting also played a part in the development of modern literary criticism, published in literary journals in Copenhagen. There he was a key member of the Norwegian Club (Norske Selskab).

The journals covered a wide range of genres and subject-matter: articles and essays, biographies, poetry (verse, stories, fables), ‘curiosities’,  traveler’s tales, inventions and anecdotes. Fasting wrote only a fraction of the pieces himself. He translated and edited large items from foreign journals, newspapers and books.  His aim was to inform the people of Bergen what was going on in the world, presented in an international format, the magazine.

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